Virginia Hotel- Luxury hotel since 1985


This is one of my favorite places in all of Dallas and definitely in Deep Ellum.  I love the vibe it gives off, it seems very Austin-ish.
The reason I come here as often as I do is for the Shaved Ribeye Steak sandwich with french fries and a side of Havanero ranch.  It's just... the best thing...ever.  (Although it will put you to sleep so beware.)

Their burgers are fantastic and there isn't a sandwich I've had there that I don't like.  Even their Shaved Ribeye Steak salad is muy bueno.  If you're either not on a diet or cheating hard on a diet, this place is the bee's knees.

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Best Sandwich Restaurant Dallas 2014
Stop by for lunch and you'll have to wait in a line filled with hungry workers from nearby offices, who come for creative takes on classic sandwiches they grew up on.
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Our menu includes several different types of sandwiches on different types of bread but don't overlook our single, double or even our
tripple meat cheese burger.

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beer list
We have a full bar with a new Happy Hour and new extended hours. We also have an extended beer list that changes weekly.

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location and parking
Uncle Uber's is located in Dallas, Texas
on Commerce Street which has metered
parking and free parking till 6pm along
with other parking options.
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