This is one of my favorite places in all of Dallas and definitely in Deep Ellum.  I love the vibe it gives off, it seems very Austin-ish.
The reason I come here as often as I do is for the Shaved Ribeye Steak sandwich with french fries and a side of Havanero ranch.  It's just... the best thing...ever.  (Although it will put you to sleep so beware.)

Their burgers are fantastic and there isn't a sandwich I've had there that I don't like.  Even their Shaved Ribeye Steak salad is muy bueno.  If you're either not on a diet or cheating hard on a diet, this place is the bee's knees.
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Where to Eat Burgers Right Now: The Heatmap
This Deep Ellum spot is known more for "sammiches" than burgers, but they serve up an extremely juicy thin-pattied specimen that's cheap to boot. Add blue cheese and bacon for maximum umami and you're in business.
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13 Places to Eat the Finest Fries in Dallas
Uncle Uber's fries are thick cut with fluffy interiors, and coated with a sweet-and-spicy seasoning that make them irresistible, especially when paired with a side of their housemade habanero ranch.
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Burger Smackdown: Deep Ellum Fast Casual Class, Twisted Root Vs. Uncle Uber's
Uncle Uber's, however, uses some burger voodoo or something because between those patties was enough moisture to change my mind about thin patties forever -- so long as they're properly cooked.
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10 Of The Tastiest Pork Dishes in Dallas
The Cuban sandwich at Uncle Uber's is a delicious (if not entirely authentic) rendition of the classic sandwich.
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11 Gooey Sandwiches that Will Warm Your Soul with the Pictures to Prove it
"It was a pretty fancy grilled cheese, made with Provolone, roasted red peppers and garlic mayo on sourdough. Toasted, cheesy, buttery and delicious, this sandwich had everything you'd want from a fancy grilled cheese..."
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Uncle Uber's on One Year in Deep Ellum
"Uncle Uber's has staked its claim on neighborhood appetites by offering fresh, high-quality renditions of classic "sammiches" like a Cuban, a shaved rib-eye and a slow-roasted pork banh mi accented with addictive housemade condiments like habanero ranch and "Uber sauce".
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Crave Eat the Uber Burger, Make it a Double
Uncle Uber is actually Bryan and Kathy Crelly, local restaurateurs that have run other successful operations such as Fat Ted’s, Pueblo Arriba, Rockwell’s Neighborhood Grill and Uptown Bar and Grill. These are no amateurs in the industry.
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NBC Uncle Uber's Redefines the Sandwich
Whether it’s the roast beef, blackened fish or any of the other dishes on the menu, Uncle Uber’s is putting satisfaction back in the sandwich.
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An Uber Sandwich Shop in Deep Ellum
Simply put, this is where you’ll go to grab a damn good sandwich.
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Uncle Uber's Has Deep Ellum's Best Sandwich, and is Poised To Dominate Dallas
My shaved rib-eye, however, was a solid base hit, pairing juicy, savory meat with funky blue cheese and sweet caramelized onions.
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